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You may have noticed on my home page I have a statement.  It reads:

I believe you have an amazing life to live and a valuable contribution to make.”

You know why that’s the first thing on my website?  It’s because it is the heart and soul of my business.

I wholeheartedly believe that.  I believe that about you.   That’s the first thing you need to know about me.


I am a bit of a mashup between being a creative and having a strong analytical mind. (Maybe it’s the Gemini in me.)  I used to think that those two things didn’t really go together until I realized they absolutely do!  (I bet you’ll see that in my work.)


I’m also an ideas person. I’m always coming up with new ideas, tinkering with things, looking for new insights and pulling on threads to see where they lead. I’m always working a scenario over for a new angle.



Fun Facts

I love to dance!

I’m half Italian.

Baseball is my favorite sport.

I do all the minor repairs in my house.

My Kolbe is 6374

I’m an ENFJ

I do yoga.



I’m a wife, momma, step-mom, grandma, (oy vey!) daughter, sister, niece and friend – My heart just fills right up when I think of the people in my life.


I’ve experienced enough in life sometimes it feels like I could fill an entire library.  I wouldn’t trade any of it, even the most painful parts, because it’s helped shape who I am today.


“A life well-lived is the best legacy.”

In short, I’m all about living a life well-lived and helping you do the same! 

Oh yeah and I have quite a bit of expertise and experience when it comes to the financial services world.  If you’d like to know more about that read on my friend. Here’s  a little thing I like to call my “Professional Autobiography.  (It’s slightly more entertaining than reading my resume.)

~Sarah Carr