If you are like Jeff and I, you may find yourselves occasionally (or maybe a little more than occasionally) concerned with whether or not your kids are making good financial decisions.  Are they paying their bills on time?  Are they using credit wisely?  Do they know how important it is to manage their credit?  Do they have the right insurance coverage?

It can be really hard to know how involved to be.   Finding the right balance between being involved and allowing them to have independence can be tough.  At this age, there’s nothing more we want than for them to be financially secure and independent.  (Most kids want that too!)   Feeling like you, yourself, aren’t exactly a financial expert can present a challenge too.   Why not consider gifting the Personal Finance 101 eCourse to them?  Or even taking the course together?  I promise they won’t find the course boring.  This is a way you can help them develop the skills they need to be financially independent.

Personal Finance 101 eCourse