Personal Finance 101 eCourse FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


[toggle_content title=”How does the eCourse work?“]
In this self-study course I will lead you through a new personal finance topic every week.   (See the weekly schedule below.)  Once the course begins you will be able to log in on the specified days to view the available course content.  You will also receive an accompanying email.

  • Wednesday –  you will receive an email with the topic overview and occasionally some links to additional reading related to the topic.
  • Thursday – I will post a short video tutorial discussing the topic in more depth.
  • Friday – Assignment Day!  I’ll post another video reviewing the course assignments for the week.  These course assignments are designed to help you dig deeper into the material and incorporate what you are learning into your life.  You’ll also receive an accompanying email detailing the assignments.

You’ll have the remainder of the week to view the material and work on the assignments.

Although, I think your class experience will be better if you engage in the course weekly and follow along with everyone else; I know it’s not always possible.  So don’t worry, you will be able to take the course at your own pace.   You’ll also be able to access the course material until January 1.  (I hope that’s enough time!)

[toggle_content title=”Do I have to complete the coursework and complete the assignments in a certain time frame?“]
I think you’ll benefit the most by following the program.  (Personally, I’m not great about completing material if I don’t have some sort of deadline.)  But I know life gets crazy and it’s not always feasible to keep the same schedule so the videos and online materials will be available until January 1.

[toggle_content title=”What is the course outline?“]Week 1:  Setting Personal Financial Goals

Week 2:  Tracking Your Spending

Week 3:  Credit Overview

Week 4:  Protecting Yourself

Week 5:  Basics of Investing

Week 6:  Summary [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”What can I expect to get out of the course?“]It’s my hope that this course will not only provide you with the fundamental basics of personal finance but will provide you with the tools to manage your resources in a way that makes sense to you.

We’ll dig deeper into issues like, Where do you spend money that brings you the most value? Are there areas you’re spending money in that aren’t adding value? What are the underlying motivators in your financial goals?  What happens when you don’t have enough resources to meet them? How do you mitigate the risks of the unknown?  Not only will the course material help you dive into these questions but I, personally, will be along your side checking in with you and providing you with guidance and motivation as we work through each section.  I’ll also be available to answer questions and can provide additional resources as you may need. [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”How can I pay for the eCourse?“]Payment can be made by check and mailed to:

Sarah Carr
10688 Route 706
Stevensville, PA 18845

Credit card payments may also be made through PayPal services. (Note: A PayPal account is NOT required).[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Are there required materials for the course?“]Access to a computer is about all you need.  There is no required software or textbooks.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”What sort of conditions may apply to college students?“]I’ll request you send me the name of the college you are attending, what year you are in and what major you are.  This not only helps confirm you are in fact a college student, but it also provides me with data when advocating for financial literacy at the collegiate level.  Additionally, if this course is part of extra credit work associated with one of your college courses some of your work may need to be shared with your instructor, if they require it. [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Is there a registration deadline?“]Registration will close October 1; 1 week after the start of class.  So if you are taking the course and like it, you can still refer a friend and they’ll have time to catch up.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Will it be offered again in the future?“]I hope to keep this course as a regular offering.  Based on feedback some of the content may be revised and changed.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Will I be able to access the course work and assignments after the course?“]Yes.  I get that life can move along faster than we realize and our plates get full, so you will still have access to the course work and assignments until January 1.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”What if I have additional questions?“]Please contact me (Sarah) at with any questions.[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”What if I have trouble logging in?“]I hope you won’t have any issues logging in. Of course if you do, contact me right away! or 607-427-5179.[/toggle_content]

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