Financial Therapy

I’ve begun to incorporate financial therapy techniques into many of the services I provide. So what is financial therapy and how can it help?

Financial therapy is an emerging field that seeks to promote financial health in a holistic way, addressing the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational, and economic aspects of financial health.

Personally, I believe there’s a lot more to how we make financial decisions than simple math.  Our upbringing, early experiences with money, emotional drivers, and family dynamics, all can factor into our financial decision making process. (Often without us even being aware!)  We can become hijacked from making sound financial decisions despite our best intentions.

Through the use of various techniques and assessments, we can uncover the root to our emotional drivers and address any inaccurate money beliefs we hold freeing us to relate to money in a much healthier way.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not licensed and trained to provide psychotherapy for a mental health disorder.  Should the need arise I can help provide you with a referral to a mental health professional.