Let’s Talk Investing

Now you either read that title and thought, “Ooh! Maybe this will have some new great investment idea!”  Or you read that and immediately groaned inside and thought, “Pass”.  If you just groaned,



This blog series is specifically for you.  (If you’re the first person looking for a quick tip, here it is: Buy low, sell high!  Just kidding, stick around. You may learn something new too.)  I can’t say investing is my personal favorite topic.  Which is quite ironic, since I spent a good portion of my career doing it for people.  I do however, enjoy educating people about the basics of investing and that’s what spurred this topic.

If you find investing boring or complicated and would rather not pay attention to it at all, I’m encouraging you to listen to me for just a moment. Let me first explain why I passionately believe that everyone should have some basic understanding when it comes to investing.

Investing isn’t just for the wealthy. Almost everybody will have to make some investment decisions at some point.  If you plan on saving money for some future goal, such as retirement, college education, or even a new home, you will have to choose where you put your savings.  In other words, you will invest that money.

Where you invest that money will make a difference on your ability to reach your goals. Allowing other people to exclusively make those decisions for you can leave you vulnerable to be taken advantage of. They say knowledge is power, so my goal is to help you become empowered.

Stick with me in this series about investing.  I’ll break it down for you step-by-step.


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