Ever experience anxiety when it comes to money?

(You’re not alone, trust me!)

Wondering if you’re making the “right” financial decisions?

(There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, only what’s right for you.)

Are you investing your resources (time, energy, and money) in ways that align with the life you want?

Financial well-being encompasses more than money. Our thoughts, emotions, and learned behaviors all play a role. Over time, the scripts and attitudes we develop around money can sabatoge how we’re living our lives.

Becoming aware of these internalized messages and how they are affecting our financial life gives us an opportunity to reframe them and bring them into alignment with what we want. That in turn, empowers us with freedom in choices and a greater sense of peace.


Sarah Carr, Certified Financial Planner™,

Certified Financial Therapist-I™

Sarah Carr Financial Therapist and Planner

Start here

It starts by getting clear on what’s really important to you.

Right now.  In your life.

What do you value?

Values represent what’s important to you. If you aren’t clear on what those values are,  your decisions won’t always line up with them. And when that happens it leads to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Get the clarity around what’s important so you can consistently make decisions that move you into the life you were meant to live!


Uncover your Top 5 now.

Create more meaning in the way you spend.

What would it look like if the way you were spending both your time and your money was providing you with more joy, connection and meaning?

As a collaborative group of professionals, we bring you tools and resources to help you align your resources with the life you were meant to live!

“A life well-lived is the best legacy”

Imagine having confidence in every financial decision you make.

Knowing it’s supporting the life you really want versus holding you back from it.

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