It seems like forever since I last posted.   It’s been a busy few weeks between adding a new puppy to our family, traveling down to visit my step-daughter at college, a few home improvements, and one late-season summer vacation.  We’re back and I’m working on some new things!

One of those new things is a lifestyle change in the way we eat.   Eating healthier has been something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but I also knew that I didn’t want to just do it temporarily.  I want it to be a lifestyle change.

My husband will occasionally go carb-free for a period of time.  It’s something that works for him.  So this time when he said he was going to go carb-free in order to get ready for basketball season (He’s a high school basketball referee.) instead of rolling my eyes and groaning, I said,  “That sounds good, I’ll join you!”

Ok, so I’m not exactly joining him. I believe in healthy, natural carbs.  However, I took this as an opportunity to start making some changes to the way we eat.  I finally put together a plan.  My plan is progressive plan.  I’m not going to be making all the changes I eventually want to make right away, rather I’m going to be working into them.

Ultimately I would like to be in a place where I’m eating and serving my family healthy, organic, un-processed, whole foods.  That’s not exactly a change I can make overnight so rather we’re starting with a plan to cut out the processed stuff like carbs and sugars.  I’m using the Paleo diet as a guideline.  My hope is that as we make these changes, eating mostly healthy or at least way healthier than we had been, that overtime we can make full replacements to organic and whole foods.   We started the first part of our plan last week and so far, so good!

Whether you’re making health changes, lifestyle changes or even financial changes having a plan is essential.  You need to have a plan!  Here are some tips for creating your plan.

Be Realistic.  Make a plan that you can start implementing today.  What are you comfortable incorporating into your life now?

Get Inspired. Inspiration can help you get excited about your goals and your plan.  I found some amazing food blogs and recipes that have me totally psyched about eating healthier.  I thought I’d have to give up my love for cooking and for flavor in order to eat healthier.  So not true!

Prepare for the Hurdles.  Anticipate the areas where you’ll struggle and create a strategy ahead of time.  (I.E.  Snack time and dessert!)

Get Started.  Even making small steps goes a long way to helping you get to where you want to be.  In fact, you have a better chance of success when you create small changes that become habits then go on to build upon those.

Share.  There’s no doubt that having someone else to help you along the way makes a world of difference.  Whether it’s a partner who’s making the same changes with you or a coach providing you encouragement and guidance.  Sharing your questions, struggles, and successes with someone helps you stay on track.

Start to your planning today!