I am back in my office after working from home since March. Being home certainly had its benefits but let’s be honest, it can be really hard to feel good about your work when every 20 minutes you’re getting another snack request or having to play referee. 


This fall we decided to send Ella (who turns 5 on Friday!) back to preschool. The center is conveniently just down the road from my office. We decided though to do virtual school with Luke. He comes to the office with me and has his own little work space. The kids call it his office. Since being home this spring and summer, our entire family saw a remarkable difference in Luke. His engagement became more focused and his comfort level around others increased significantly. He became a different kid, more comfortable and more at ease. So when the option of virtual came up we chose it for right now. We’re only a month in but I can tell you it’s working out quite well. 


I didn’t necessarily feel that sending Luke to in-person school was a bad choice for us, it’s just that we recognized a change in him and decided to see how this new opportunity to do virtual would affect that. We wanted to see if we could keep what was happening with Luke going. I should also mention that not all virtual programs are created equal and that the one our school district chose caters to his learning style quite well and allows him to work at his own pace. All important pieces to our success so far with it. 


Who knows what next year will bring?  When I wondered aloud to a friend about whether or not we’d be doing virtual forever and what on earth I’d do with Little Miss Ella next year, she simply said. “You don’t have to figure that out right now. Just make the next right choice for you right now.”  How true that is. (And how many times had I said that to someone else?!)


Here’s what I want to leave you with, shine the light on what’s working for you right now. Even in the midst of an imperfect situation, is there something going really well?  What is it?  What do you think is contributing to that going so well?  How could you build on that? 


What leads to BIG success?  Lots of little successes. Don’t worry so much about where you’ll be (in life, business, relationships) in 5, 10 or even 20 years. Focus on today. 


I’d love to hear what’s going right in your life. Shoot me a message or share with me on one of my social media pages.